This tutorial is meant to help students in doing their R assignments. We tried to cover as detail as possible every concepts and all from easy to hard things in this.

R Basic Tutorials

  1. What Is R software, its applications and where to use it?
  2. How to Downlaod and Install R studio in Window and MAC?

How to do Data Preparation In R Programming?

  1. use of Arithmetic and Logical Operators in R with examples
  2. What is Matrix function in R, how to use it with examples
  3. What are factor variables, different types, its uses and applications in R
  4. Data Frame in R- how to create, slice, append a Subset?
  5. List in R-how to create ir with examples
  6. What is data merging in R how to merge it explain with examples?
  7. What are functions in R, their application and explanation with examples

How to do R Programming?

  1. How to use If, Else and Else if Statement in R, explain with examples
  2. For LOOP- Its applications and use in R with examples
  3. While LOOP- Its applications and use in R with examples
  4. apply(), lapply(), sapply(), tapply() Function in R, its use and explanation with examples
  5. How to import data in R, explanation with examples
  6. what is na.omit & na.rm in r and how it help in replace Missing Values(NA) in R
  7. How to export Data from R to CSV or excel- explain with examples
  8. What is correlation, how to use it in r, explain with examples in reference to pearson
  9. What is R aggregate Function- its use and applications in R with examples
  10. Wat are R Select(), Filter(), Arrange(), Pipeline function in r- its sues and applications with examples

How to do Data analysis In R Programming?

  1. What is Scatter plot- How to draw it in r, its application with reference to ggplot2 with examples
  2. What is boxplot in R- its use, application and explanation with examples
  3. What is Bar chart and Histogram in R-its sue, application and examples in R
  4. How to use T test in r- its use applications and example in R
  5. What is Anova? how to use in r-explain both one way anova, two way anova using examples for R

Other Resources in R to help you in excelling your Assignments or Tasks?

  1. How to score high marks in R Programming assignment?
  2. What are the strategies to Learn R Programming?